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HR Generalist 人力资源专员

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【工作地点】 G 甘肃省 » 甘G 张掖市
【学历要求】 本科 【薪资待遇】 【工作经验】 3-5年
【招聘人数】 1 【性别要求】 不限 【职位性质】 全职
【年龄要求】 【招聘部门】 人力资源    
【招聘岗位】 其他


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% |. F0 W6 O9 V* |$ a
+ p/ h# m6 ?- _2 Q·  Confirm recruiting needs of function departments. Select recruiting channel, advertise the vacancies of cluster, screening the resume of the candidates.
# ~1 r7 l7 d  b# [$ O" q. d·  确认用人部门的招聘需求,选择招聘渠道,发布职位信息,挑选应聘者简历
2 c" Q6 Y, N. G7 _·  Conduct training needs analysis, assist HR manager to design annual training plan, assist HR manager to implement company employee career development system
4 T: Q. e7 v& S+ n7 }·  进行培训需求调查,协助人力资源经理设计年度培训计划,协助人力资源经理实施员工职业发展体系0 `7 R4 N# E7 _; ?
·  Coordinate annual performance planning, performance review and performance evaluation" [! f5 C* k  e' i! N( f  X0 V; z
·  协调职能部门的年度绩效计划,绩效回顾和年度绩效评估
. D, p  a* E" k3 t4 |·  Research compensation & benefit data of competitors , provide advice to ensure that the compensation and benefits packages are competitive with the market, P" d' _  P' D+ X9 A
·  调研竞争对手的薪酬状况,提出薪酬方面的建议以确保公司薪酬福利的市场竞争力
5 W, B% S. V; J3 r" ]3 x·  Coordinate with third party to provide payroll, benefit and insurance service to employees
& `/ ^9 O0 x) r6 K* ~! P. C* o·  和第三方外包机构进行协调,为员工提供工资计算与发放、福利和保险等服务7 @& _+ S$ A! O' D
·  Execute employee relations programs, including corporate culture activities organization, employee communication, employee recognition, labor conflict handling, ensure employee morale and satisfaction* e* E2 b! Q% U, h5 L% x
·  实施员工关系项目,如企业文化建设活动,员工沟通,员工奖励,劳资冲突解决,确保员工士气和员工满意度
4 v( g! f4 E4 b# @7 S·  Handle personnel procedures such as working time monitoring, HR information input and update, HR outsourcing management, application for employee passport, short term residence certificate for foreign employees, Visa application9 H- A; ~2 a$ F4 b# F
·  处理人事行政手续,如工作时间监控,人力资源信息输入和更新,人力资源外包管理,员工护照、外籍员工暂住证、签证的申请等3 M) v+ q( }! ^. {& K' u6 N
·  Communicate and coordinate with administrative departments of government, to make sure legality of company operation and company’s sound business operation.! F5 n' @( }2 V" ^  n
·  沟通、协调政府各主管部门,以确保公司经营的合法性和公司正常经营活动  }) L% Y2 Z& O$ c6 B7 ?

% ]" t& h  t- `5 @$ j7 d( pREQUIREMENTS 任职要求
1 _( c2 i; ]; E( o$ `
, w# v* b$ m# W# W" @) F
; w7 y- z( _' [) S" @$ ]+ i( mEducation:  教育背景  6 ], w3 x( q2 p# z9 s1 H3 K5 T- H
·  Bachelor and above
6 J" p8 P, E2 X# s5 A·  大学本科或以上学位4 {; x) U& q3 g6 w3 I8 `$ R* V. N
·  Professional HR affiliations (HR Institute of Management or equivalent)3 M4 ?" z1 Y, \! N" W7 B
·  人力资源管理或管理类相关专业* c% g' ~& `$ ?) S% r! M8 I: y# o8 O
; m/ r5 }& r7 S' Z
( a- F; |0 @9 _1 |/ i1 UExperience:工作经验 ) ?" n8 N: {; p- z- p6 U$ D' ~
·  2-3 years relevant HR experience.
4 s: f# s* O# R0 b, E·  2-3年相关人力资源工作经验
+ u2 K) n9 i' A+ L
3 H! g5 Q5 z  S/ ]-  S* ?; t* ], L1 J" W, J
3 _/ a, {; g% B7 A7 S
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ABILITIES+ i! O6 r. {) a) R( q: S3 k! V; |3 t
' ~/ s( t8 p% z·   Presentation skills (excellent)
0 ]; w4 P. s! A·  优秀的演讲表达技巧  r+ d4 a9 f$ H% y- g+ W
·  Facilitation and training skills (excellent)9 `! q0 A  G3 G. g  `  e
·  优秀的培训技巧$ P/ P# c3 O, s4 I
·  Remuneration management skills (Recommending, salary reviews, developing incentive plans)" X2 g' J* v5 u! t
·  人工费管理能力(建议、薪资盘点、激励计划)0 A3 B5 w4 _* e: L* ]" t5 R1 X- z
·  Project management skills
/ ^3 M$ X+ Q2 ]( {( X·  项目管理技巧; B2 d, l# P1 b; E3 b# S& A" B5 m* T
·  Software skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)2 `+ L& s" I( j- W! {) d7 o
·  计算机软件操作(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, 等.)
3 [4 z8 u. p( b# b' N·  Influencing: Persuades others of the value of an approach or idea. Gains commitment and support and gets others to willingly take action
6 h+ ^' F' Q. x( d·  影响力: 能够影响他人的方法观或理念。能赢得他人的承诺和支持,并促使其主动采取行动。' \& \* ~3 N- i& l& K
·  Communication skill: Provides both verbal and written information in a timely, clear and concise manner. Expresses ideas effectively, adjusting style, tools and mode to the needs of others. Listens attentively, and summarizes or asks questions, when needed, to clarify information.
  K) S: j0 l8 P& b( E1 l5 F) {·  沟通技能: 及时、清楚并准确的提供口头和书面信息。根据别人的需求调整处事方法、工具和模式,从而有效地表达思想。倾听他人意见,总结问题,或者在必要时,询问问题以明确信息。
1 J& {( R/ [2 L8 k·  Commitment to Excellence: Challenges self and others to exceed standards and achieve extraordinary results, striving for best in class. Is not easily deterred when obstacles or delays are encountered.
. {: `: m( w2 a% i$ c·  追求卓越: 努力上进,为自我和他人设立挑战,从而超越标准,并实现卓越的成果。面对障碍或困阻时,不轻易放弃2 B" }4 W9 i; {' d, s' y; u
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